Construction Data Collectors

Trimble Kenai Rugged Tablet

​AVAILABLE NOW: The new Trimble Kenai, a fully rugged tablet featuring the Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional operating system and a large 10.1” display screen that is capable of full-color images even in the brightest sunlight.
The Kenai provides connectivity including Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and optional 4G LTE dual-mode data cloud-capability. Its hot-swappable battery lets users keep working long after consumer-grade tablets would fail.

The Kenai tablet is ideal for mobile workers who need to utilize large forms and color-coded information such as technical specifications, and is rugged enough to last for years of use even in harsh conditions. It meets the tablet computing needs of businesses in natural resources, utilities, transportation, agriculture, public safety, surveying, construction, mapping, field service, utilities, and other outdoor or service-related fields.

Its fully-rugged design also allows the computer to be cleaned for use on the floor of food and beverage processing, so safety can be monitored and audited comprehensively. In addition to standard USB ports, it comes with an RS 232 Serial Port that allows it to connect with many industrial and manufacturing machines, significantly aiding productivity and eliminating costly downtime. This is the tablet for those mobile workers who need a computer they can count on no matter where the job takes them, or how long they have to stay in the field to get the job done.


The next-generation TDS Recon X-series rugged handheld computer delivers maximum performance and reliabilityin a lightweight, extremely rugged design that's easy to carry. The waterproof Recon weighs just 17 ounces, meets military specifications for drops, vibration, and both high and low tempurature operation, and runs Windows Mobile 6.0. The Recon works wherever and whenever you need it.

High Performance
The Recon features the high performance 200 MHz or 400 MHz XScale processor, a color display with front light, 64 MB of RAM and a 128 or 256 MB of nonvolatile Flash storage to protect the data from resets or power loss.

Ultra Rugged
The Recon can handle the toughest field conditions. It meets MIL-STD-810F standards for drops, vibrations, and tempurature extremes, and it has an IP67 rating - meaning it's impervious to dust and water immersion.

Long Battery Life
The Recon's rechargeable NiMH PowerBoot module provides 3,800 mAh of power, enough to give you at least 15 hours of continuous typical use - more than a full day's work. The optional AA PowerBoot module uses two AA batteries (alkaline or lithium)to keep your Recon running for up to 16 hours. It's perfect for a backup or in areas where recharging isn't possible.

Windows Mobile
The Recon runs Windows Mobile 6.0, so you'll have the applications you use most - including a calendar, email and Mobile versions of Word, Excel and even PowerPoint.

Trimble TSC3

The Trimble TSC3 controller is a groundbreaking handheld field computing solution that streamlines the flow of everyday surveying work and the number of peripheral devices you need in the field. Add images to your surveys easily with the integrated camera and automatic geotagging for easy identification.

It features:

  • Trimble Access software
  • An integrated modem for wireless internet connectivity
  • A built-in 5MP camera
  • An integrated GPS receiver and compass
  • A larger, brighter touch screen
  • QWERTY keyboard layout
  • Built-in flashlight

TDS Survey Pro

Productive, reliable, comprehensive
Survey Pro gives you a complete set of capabilities for all your layout and survey projects—and it's fast, reliable and easy to use, so you can work more productively in the field.

Survey Pro on TDS data collectors
The best way to run Survey Pro is on a TDS handheld data collector. That's because TDS developed the Nomad, Recon and Ranger to work with Survey Pro. These data collectors run Survey Pro functions and routines quickly, making it easy to use all the software's capabilities.

Survey Standard
Survey Standard is complete data collection software for surveyors. You can get a complete COGO suite including triangle solutions, map check and predetermined area, as well as traverse, sideshot and staking routines. And you can easily upgrade Survey Standard to any other Survey Pro level.

Survey Pro
Survey Pro adds several advanced features to Survey Standard. Survey Pro provides intuitive and powerful slope staking and road layout routines. You can also view DTM files, stake using the DTM surface and collect feature/attribute data, helping you save time in the field and in the office.

Survey Pro Robotics
The Survey Pro Robotics data collection package includes the functionality of Survey Pro and reliably controls your robotic total station with an easy-to-use interface that features intuitive, useful search tools, active maps, automatic repetition and a fine-turning routine that lets you make even precise turns remotely.


The new TDS Nomad is a Recon on steroids.Itpacks even more functionality into the most powerful and full-featured rugged handheld computer available. Start with an 806 MHz processor, a long-life battery and integrated wireless capabilities..
The Nomad also features a high-resolution, sunlight-visible VGA display that shows graphics and maps in crisp detail. And it's fully rugged and just as tough as our other handhelds.It includes a separate numeric keypad but is only 1 inch longer than the Recon.

Ultra rugged
Like all TDS rugged handhelds, the Nomad meets the rigorous MIL-STD-810F military standard for drops, vibration, humidity, altitude and extreme temperatures. It also comes with an IP67 waterproof rating.

High performance
Every Nomad comes with an 806 MHz Marvell PXA320 XScale processor, 128 MB RAM and a hot-swappable rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack to keep going strong all day. Recharging time is significantly reduced with the use of lithium-ion batteries.

Windows Mobile
The Nomad also includes the latest Windows Mobile 6 software, so it runs all the applications you use most, including a wide range of third-party software for industry-specific applications.

Data Collector Software

Trimble LM80 Layout Manager

The LM80 software is available on either the Recon or Nomad data collectors. It is an intuitive, user friendly program designed specifically for the contractor which will be appreciated by both the first time user and the experienced layout employee. It is a pocket-sized, personal layout manager that lets you carry, manage, work with, and lay out your jobsite blueprint.

The LM80 lets you:

•input blueprint dimensions to build a digital replica of the layout plan
•guide the layout of the major points, add dimensions on the print, or calculate diagonals, area or angles
•reduce your reliance on third-party specialists
•input coordinates and cad files with the LM80 Desktop Software program.
•increase flexibility because it can be used with virtually all total station models and brands

The Trimble LM80 Layout Manager significantly increases accuracy, reliability, and productivity. With Microsoft® Windows Mobile®, the Trimble LM80 can support the wide range of application software available for Windows mobile devices.

Trimble LM80 Desktop Software

Trimble® LM80 Desktop software is designed for the contractor using the pocket-sized LM80 Layout Manager for his layout applications. It's the ideal companion for anyone working with very large or complex drawings.
Featuring an intuitive graphical user interface, LM80 Desktop Software makes it easy to create a digital replica of your construction blueprint in the office, before going out on the site to do the layout. While you are still in the office, you can use the coordinate geometry functions to perform distance, angle, area or down-and-out computations. You can also create your construction points from AutoCAD 2007 DXF or DWG files, upload them to the Trimble LM80 Layout Manager, or send them directly to a total station for onboard layout. No need to learn a complete engineering CAD program!

•Graphical User interface provides direct access to common functions for a shorter learning curve and minimal self-training.
•Standard View Controls offer a common user interface designed for anyone with a limited understanding of CAD for fast, easy operation.
•Multiple Point Selection in Individual, Window, and Current view point selection techniques give you maximum control to select points.
•Enter Plan and COGO (coordinate geometry) functionality in the office.
•Supports importing AutoCAD DWG and DXF files for creating layout points.
•Import and export text files that contain a list of points and coordinates.