Finishing Services


Monsen Engineering uses the highest quality laminator that can laminate up to 42 inches wide! Laminating your finished product protects your print while enhancing the color and providing additional rigidity. Lamination gives your materials a finished, professional look of quality. Something that is laminated looks better!


So your poster is printed, but how are you going to display it? We are also able to mount your finished product to foam core or gator board. Mounting a material is the most cost effective way to effectively display your project. Leave it up to our mounting experts to get it mounted correctly and wrinkle free the first time!


Retaining customers is one of the most important aspects of business today and one of the criteria your clients use to determine if they will use you in the future is the quality of your work. When you deliver a presentation to a client that's put together the way it should be —bound tightly with an attractive cover —you immediately see the results. Let us show you how easily this can be done!
Contact Jason for more information on any of these services at 800-821-0672