Introducing the TinySurveyor

The world's fastest robot for stakeout. A safer, more efficient way to work.

The TinySurveyor is designed to make stakeout work safer and more efficient. It can integrate with your existing GNSS equipment, or, in areas with restricted access to GNSS, it can be connected with a total station for height measurements.

A layout design can be uploaded in CSV or DXF formats via the USB port.

It is particularly efficient for pre-marking road lines. With minimal setup, the device drives autonomously and defines points along defined lines with an accuracy of between 1 and 2cm. With a fully-charged battery, the TinySurveyor can work continuously for about eight hours.

Key specifications:

  • Weatherproof
  • Long-range remote controller
  • Reads data from USB stick
  • Increases personnel safety
  • Works for eight hours on one battery charge
  • Integrates with your existing GNSS receiver
  • Tested with Topcon, Trimble and Leica
  • Automatically marks points and lines
  • Supports common data formats
  • Integrates with total station for height measurements