Terrestrial 3D Scanners

Trimble TX8 

The Trimble TX8 delivers the power and flexibility to tackle even the most demanding projects. Designed for performance the Trimble TX8 enables you to complete 3D laser scanning projects faster than ever.
  • High speed- with a typical scan time of only 3 minutes the Trimble TX8 allows you to capture more stations and complete projects faster than ever.
  • High quality data- never compromise on data quality. The Trimble TX8 quickly captures only high quality data over its entire range even in direct sunlight. This means less setups to capture a complete project.
  • Long range- with a maximum range of 340 meters the Trimble TX8 gives you more flexibility and project opportunities. It’s like having two scanners in one.
  • Intuitive and easy to operate- the intuitive onboard software of the Trimble TX8 makes it easy to learn and get up to speed capturing data. Reduce startup time and increase your confidence that 3D scanning can be successfully incorporated

FARO Focus3D X 330 Laser Scanner

The FARO Focus3D X 330 is specially designed for outdoor applications due its small size, light weight, extra-long range, extended scanning possibilities even in direct sunlight and easy positioning with to the integrated GPS receiver.​
  • Economical: The price of the X 330 is a revolution by itself. A 3D laser scanner has never been so affordable.
  • Simple: Due to its intuitive control concept with touchscreen display, the X 330 is as easy to operate as a digital camera.
  • Precise and Fast: The X 330 creates a precise, virtual copy of reality in millimeter-accuracy at a blazing speed of up to 976,000 measurement points per second.
  • WLAN remote control

FARO Focus3D X 130 Laser Scanner

The FARO Focus3D X 130 laser scanner is a highly versatile 3D scanning solution for a broad variety of applications like complex plant environments, buildings and infrastructure, architectural and heritage sites, accident and forensic scenes, and more. The compact, lightweight design, and intuitive, easy to use onboard interface increases field efficiency, saving you time and money.
  • Versatile and cost-effective solution
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Integrated color camera for creating photorealistic scenesIntuitive touch screen interface ideal for new users
  • WLAN remote control