Spectra DG613 Pipe Laser

Easy To Use
Compact and Powerful.

The Spectra Precision© DG613 Pipe Laser is efficient, accurate and reliable when laying pipe. It is shorter than the typical pipe laser making it easier to set up in tight inverts in the manhole. It also has a grade range from -12% to +40% and works over a distance of 500 feet. The DG613 is fully self-leveling. The cross axis is compensated which allows the laser to stay level without having to adjust at the bottom of the invert. With alkaline batteries the DG613 can work for up to 50 hours and is so easy with little to no training. The bright, infra-red beam can be seen in the pipe and enhanced with the patented target that bends the beam upward which makes the beam easier to see when standing above the trench.


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