Polaris Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Polaris TLS

Polaris TLS

The Polaris 3D terrestrial scanner in the most affordable, versatile laser scanner on the market. It collects survey grade data with sub-meter accuracy. Its scanning field of view is 320 degrees x 120 degrees. It can be mounted on a tripod, on a vehicle or a moving platform. The Polaris has many built in features that every surveyor needs; a sunlight-visible touchscreen, automatic target detection, an integrated camera, inclinometer, compass, GPS receiver and weather proof housing. With this scanner you can set up one-click preset scanning plans so there is no need for training new operators.

Polaris Advantages

  • Survey-grade data with sub-centimeter accuracy and high angular resolution
  • Long-range surveying available to everyone at a low price point
  • One-button surveying of prearranged plans for untrained operators
  • Wide areas captured in a single scan by 360°×120° field of view
  • Short setup time with in-field geo-referencing tools and automatic target recognition
  • Rapid surveys thanks to high-speed data acquisition
  • Easy extraction of meshes, features and models with ATLAScan software

Polaris Features

  • 100% scanner efficiency
  • Internal data storage
  • Internal camera
  • External camera option
  • Sunlight-visible touchscreen
  • Weather-proof housing
  • Automatic target recognition
  • User-friendly workflow
  • Project planner
  • Multiple lidar returns
  • Tilt compensation
  • GPS receiver

Polaris Applications

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Heritage
  • Mining
  • Forensics
  • Forestry
  • Coastal Management
  • Shoreline Mapping
  • Scientific Research

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