Trimble R12i GNSS System

A New Angle of Productivity

Trimble just released their new GNSS receiver, the R12i. With the R12i you will break down barriers, or at least be able to measure around it, underneath it, or next to it. This receiver features Trimble Inertial Platform (TIP) technology. TIP is a calibration-free and magnetically immune IMU-based tilt compensation for topo measurements and stake-out.

The R12i is designed for the most challenging GNSS conditions. It is powered by the Trimble ProPoint GNSS Positioning engine which is engineered for improved accuracy and productivity.

This receiver operates on an Android and IOS platform so it is optimized for working with Trimble Access field software. The R12i is the most versatile received on the market. Whether you are using it for topo measurement, stake-out, or augmented reality, you will get the results you are looking for… with A New Angle of Productivity.

8 mm H / 15 mm V

Real time kinematic precision

Receive & Transmit

Celluar, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi Connectivity


GNSS channels with Trimble 360
satellite tracking technology.

Android & iOS

Platform support for BYOD workflows


GNSS antenna


User interface

Trimble R12i TSC7 General
Trimble R12i TSC7 Utilities
Trimble R12i TSC7 Topo

Trimble R12i features at a glance

Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS Technology

Trimble Inertial Platform™ (TIP) technology. Calibration free and magnetically immune IMU-based tilt compensation for topo measurements and stakeout.

Trimble 360 Technology

672 channels with support for all available and future GNSS signals, and improved protection from interference and spoofed signals

Trimble CenterPoint® RTX Corrections Technology

CenterPoint® RTK correction service delivers fast, RTK level accuracy worldwide via satellite/IP.

Trimble AR Ready

R12i Works with:


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