GIS & GPS Training Videos

Expert Training Walks You Through Every Step of Choosing and Using GPS to Collect and Display GIS-Ready Data

With these instant access videos you will have everything you need to get started with Mobile GIS:Learn the key concepts, issues, and requirements.

  • Make informed buying decisions for GPS equipment.
  • Understand mobile GIS workflows to better allocate your resources.
  • Train and manage your workforce to collect GIS-ready GPS data.
  • Get out in the field and start collecting quality GPS data!

Monsen Training

Choose from 9 courses and start watching instantly!

Course 1: Introduction to GPS Technology

Course 2: GPS Mapping with ArcPad

Course 3: GPS Mapping with Trimble’s TerraSync and Pathfinder Office

Course 4: GPS Mapping with ArcPad and Trimble

Course 5: GPS Mapping with the GeoCollector

Course 6: Integrating GPS Data with GIS

Course 7: Adding Digital Photos to GIS

Course 8: Working with Coordinate Systems in GIS & GPS

Course 9: GPS Mapping with ArcPad & Trimble Positions


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