Trimble Penmap

Hybrid Mobile App for Survey and GIS Data Collection

Penmap on Mobile Device

Trimble Penmap


Penmap is a powerful, yet incredibly straightforward, cloud-connected application for cadastral field surveying and high-accuracy GIS data collection. Whether working on the Windows® or Android™ platform, Penmap is designed to provide both professional surveyors and field workers with a reliable and complete data collection application.



Penmap offers both GIS and Survey capabilities in one application, to tackle all aspects of your job



Penmap is designed with a visual, intuitive, easy-to-use map-based interface for entering and managing features and attributes



Penmap supports real time correction source methods, including RTK, VRS, RTX, and Trimble® Catalyst™.

Penmap for Android

Penmap for Android supports a select set of essential features, keeping it focused and efficient – ideal for the work you need done.


  • Core survey functionality and highaccuracy GIS data collection
  • Powerful but straightforward operations
  • Intuitive interface using your own Android device
  • Supports Trimble Catalyst software-based GNSS receiver for on-demand precise positioning
  • Compatible with existing Trimble GNSS R-Series receivers

Penmap for Windows

Penmap Windows provides enhanced capabilities for executing more technical, detail oriented work, where both GNSS and optical tools are needed for high accuracy.


  • Real time editing and verification of captured data
  • Full 3D surveying
  • Support for manufacturer independent devices
  • Direct logging of total station and GPS data
  • Enhanced parcel editor tools
  • Layout and design
  • Area computation and calculated fields
  • Capture photographs, sketches and signatures
  • Configurable point and code numbering

The Penmap Ecosystem

In an ecosystem, everything exists with a purpose and function to serve a task. The Penmap ecosystem supports multiple platforms, job types, equipment, manufacturers, and data formats, to serve you and the job you need to get done.
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