Trimble T100 Tablet

Depend on it.

The Trimble® T100 tablet brings the advantages of fast computing power and a large screen to the field. The T100 is a powerful, rugged device created for survey fieldwork, mapping, and GIS data collection and at the same time supports demanding desktop applications.

T100 Application

The Trimble® T100 is Trimble’s latest high performance tablet. With a sleek, rugged design and 10-inch touchscreen you can read in any conditions, the T100 handles anything the work day dishes out. On the pole and off, the T100 is engineered to be comfortable and portable, enabling you to stay mobile while you work, even on the longest and most demanding days in the field.

Whether you’re deep in the woods or at a busy intersection, the T100 is the right tool for the job. Its industry-leading power delivery and large internal battery combined with fast charge capabilities means increased productivity and reduced downtime. A powerful Intel® i5 processor allows for fast data collection and data processing, and enables users to QA data in the field or office.

And don’t let its slim profile fool you, the T100 is packed with intelligent design features. The expandable EMPOWER modules, user-configurable performance settings, and impressive IP-65 environmental specifications, make this an unrivaled tool for the full range of survey and GIS needs.

  • Fast and powerful Intel i5 processor for efficient data collection and processing to support demanding field applications and create high-quality deliverables in the field or office.
  • High performance large 10-inch touchscreen screen with maximum readability in either sunlight or lower light conditions.
  • Enhanced user input experience including Wacom EMR stylus, physical directional buttons and all weather touch control.
  • Full Windows® desktop applications bring office to the field.
  • Long battery life, providing the convenience of all day field operation even in tough environments.
  • Slim ergonomic design with intelligent design features, engineered to be comfortable and portable, enabling you to stay mobile while you work.
  • Support for EM120 2.4 GHz EMPOWER module for connectivity with optical instruments. Compatibility with EMPOWER modules provides expansion of functionality and flexibility for user configurations.

Operating System Windows 10 Professional

Internal GPS with SBAS Yes

Data Storage 512 GB

Screen Size:  25.6 cm / 10.1″

Processor: Intel i5

Internet Connection 4G LTE

Screen Type  Multi touch 

Memory 16 GB

Camera 8 MP

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