Trimble MX90

Achieve new levels of productivity.

Trimble MX90 Mobile Mapping

The Trimble® MX90 system is part of a complete field-to-finish mobile mapping solution that combines leading-edge hardware with intuitive field software and integrated office software workflow.

Product Specifications
Sensor unit 37 kg

IP rating
Sensor unit IP64

Spherical camera
72 MP (6 X 12 MP)

Planar cameras
2 X 12 MP side facing, 1 X 12 MP backward/downward facing

Laser effective measurement rate
Up to 3.6 MHz

Scan speed
500 scan/sec


Quickly obtain geospatial data

Control data acquisition with any smart device and easily adjust the lasers and oblique camera for the best orientation.


Combine GNSS & inertial data

Trajectory data processing using tightly coupled GNSS and inertial data incorporated into Trimble Business Center software


High quality deliverables

Create, inspect and analyze high quality survey, engineering CAD and GIS deliverables, by leveraging the data fusion capabilities of Trimble Business Center.


Publish & collaborate

Avoid site revisits by sharing for-collaboration point clouds and images with overlaid existing asset data.


Key specifications

The Trimble MX90 captures rich data for modeling and high-density point clouds, ideal for large survey and engineering projects.

The MX90 rapidly captures highly detailed laser scans and imagery—both 360-degree panoramic and multi-angle. This rich, immersive data, captured at highway speeds, can be quickly processed to extract a wide range of meaningful deliverables to maximize the value of mobile mapping data to your organization.

Higher resolution images, better point cloud colorization and scene inspection capabilities enable new workflows, such as automatic crack detection.

In urban environments, zoom in and easily see small details on street signs, roads, pavement and other geographical and as-built features.

In open areas and large cities, capture more detail on distant objects, such as electrical or fiber poles.


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