TinyMobileRobots – Request a Demo


FAQ’s about the TinyMobileRobots:

What does the TinySurveyor do?
The TinySurveyor is designed to make stake out work more efficient. Many of our customers find the robot particularly efficient in premarking road lines and setting out points for eg. photovoltaic parks. With minimum setup, it will drive autonomously to defined points and along defined lines. The spray tool allows users to set out points and lines, dashed or continuous.
How accurate is the TinySurveyor?
You can expect an accuracy of 2-3 cm. This can, however, vary from country to country. In open motorway environments, the accuracy might be even better.
How long does the battery last on TinyMobileRobots?
With a fully charged battery, you can expect the robot to work continuously for at least eight hours.
What else do I need to run the TinySurveyor?
The TinySurveyor is supplied with a battery and a remote control. You will need to bring your own GNSS receiver and a SIM card, which is to be inserted into the robot.
How do I control the TinyMobileRobots?
You can control the robot using the included tablet. The tablet solution has a very user-friendly interface which allows you to send jobs directly from your USB key to the robot. You can also adjust the robot settings and control the robot manually via the tablet. You can use wi-fi or bluetooth to connect the tablet to the robot.
For long range control, you can also use a remote control which gives a range of up to 500 m / 547 yd