GIS Rental Equipment

Monsen Engineering makes available on a daily, weekly or monthly term the following equipment on a rental basis.

Conventional Survey Rentals

Conventional Survey Rentals

  • Autolevels
  • Total Stations
    Robotic Total Stations
  • K&E Precision Level (one month minimum)
Construction Rentals

Construction Rentals

  • Rotating Lasers
  • Pipe Lasers
    Dual Grade Laser
  • Interior Lasers
  • Auto Levels
  • Digital Theodolites
  • Total Stations
  • Robotic Total Stations
Survey GPS Rentals

Survey GPS Rentals

  • Rover/Base Receivers
  • VRS Rover
  • Data Collectors
  • UHF Radios
  • Complete GPS Systems
  • 3D Scanners
GIS Mapping Rentals

GIS/Mapping Rentals

  • GIS Handhelds (submeter/subfoot/CM)
  • Laser Rangefinders
  • VRS Handhelds
  • High Precision VRS System
Large Format Plotter Rentals

Large Format Plotter Rentals

  • B/W or Color
  • 24″ – 60″ Models Available
  • Supplies & Service Included

For information on our rental equipment or rental rates please contact your local salesman or fill out the form below.

Mike McCarrick
(801) 531-6505

Northern Nevada
Marty Crook (775) 359-6671

Southern Nevada
Mike Grill  (702) 220-6505

Plotter Rentals
Mikel Monsen (800) 821-0672

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