TinySurveyor Terra

For On-Highway Applications

Starting at $35,000

The TinySurveyor from TinyMobileRobots can dramatically increase road pre-marking completion times compared to traditional methods. Customers have reported 50% increases in production and a 30% reduction in labor costs.

  •  Robot Powerhouse: The TinySurveyor autonomously pre-marks roads up to 5 times faster than traditional methods, leaving your crew free to tackle other tasks.
  • One-Person Precision: Eliminate the need for a whole team. A single operator controls the TinySurveyor, maximizing efficiency and streamlining workflows while maintaining impeccable accuracy. 
  • Accuracy on Autopilot: No more bending, measuring, or margin for error. The TinySurveyor lays down laser-straight lines with consistent, centimeter-level precision, saving you time and ensuring accurate results every time.

While the TinySurveyor excels in road pre-striping, its versatility shines in various other tasks across diverse industries.

  • Boundary and topographical surveys
  • Solar park set-out
  • Event booth layout
  • Airport runways and numbering

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