TinySurveyor Terra

For On-Highway Applications


Starting at $35,000

The TinyMobileRobot Terra is a versatile and intelligent ground robot designed for a wide range of applications, including outdoor exploration, surveillance, and data collection. To ensure safe and reliable operation in various environments, the Terra incorporates several advanced safety features:

Obstacle Avoidance: The Terra is equipped with a sophisticated ultrasonic sensor system that continuously scans its surroundings, detecting and mapping obstacles in its path. This real-time obstacle avoidance capability enables the robot to navigate safely through complex environments without collisions.

Emergency Stop Mechanism: For situations requiring immediate intervention, the Terra features a readily accessible emergency stop button. Upon activation, the robot will immediately halt all movement and enter a safe standby mode, preventing potential hazards.

Remote Monitoring and Control: The Terra’s remote monitoring and control capabilities allow users to oversee the robot’s operation from a safe distance. This remote oversight empowers users to intervene promptly in case of unexpected situations, further enhancing safety.

In addition to these primary safety features, the Terra’s robust design and durable construction further contribute to its overall safety profile. The robot’s sturdy chassis and weatherproof components make it suitable for operation in various outdoor environments, while its intelligent control systems ensure stable and reliable performance even under challenging conditions.

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