3D LiDAR Scanning Solutions

3D LiDAR scanning solutions

Monsen Engineering specializes in multiple 3D LiDAR scanning solutions. LiDAR (light detection and ranging) scanning acquires XYZ coordinates of numerous points via tripod mounted or handheld device that emits laser pulses. Those pulses measure the distance between the device and the target.

Get acquainted with our 3D scanning solutions:

Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station

With the Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station, you can survey any industrial area with optimal performance and precision. Considered the industry’s most innovative solution for scanning, surveying and engineering professionals, the Trimble SX12 is your number-one resource.

Trimble X7 Scanner Features

As the most commanding 3D scanner on the market, the Trimble X7 scanning system is your smart and simple solution for high-performance scanning. Designed to simplify adoption, provide confidence in the field and boost surveying efficiency, our scanning system is the number one choice for surveyors and geospatial professionals.


The versatile SLAM based mapper, making data capture fast and simple. With Emesent Hovermap drones can do everything from assisting with search and rescue missions to taking aerial photographs and surveying areas. You can even use these helpful devices for mapping applications.


Trimble SX12 Trimble X7 Emesent Hovermap
3D Scanning Solutions - Trimble SX12

Sensor Type: Absolute encoder with diametrical reading

Angle measurement accuracy: 1″ (0.3mgon)

Angle Display: 0.1″ (0.01 mgon)

Scanning: Band scanning using rotating prism

Measurement Rate: 26.6 kHZ

Field-of-view: 360° x 300°

3D Scanning Solutions - Trimble X7

Scanning EMD Laser Class: Laser class 1

Laser Wavelength: 1550nm, invisible

Field of view: 360° x 282°

Scan Duration: Fastest 2m34s with images, 1m34s without

Range Accuracy: 2mm

Angular Accuracy: 21″

3D Point Accuracy: 2.4 mm @ 10 m, 3.5mm @20, 6.0 mm @40 m

3D Scanning Solutions - Emesent Hovermap

SLAM mapping: LiDAR +/-0.03% drift

LiDar Range: 0.40m to 100m

LiDAR accuracy: +/- 30mm

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