Trimble R2 GNSS Receiver

Trimble R2

Integrated GNSS System

Accuracy for your data. Versatility in the field. Flexibility for your workflow

The Trimble R2 is an easy-to-use, GNSS receiver solution for the GIS professional. Real-time submeter and centimeter accuracies gives you total flexibility solution based on your accuracy needs. The R2 can be easily paired with smartphones, tablets, or Trimble handhelds. It also supports many satellite constellations and correction sources for accurate data in any location. The R2 offers accuracy for your data, versatility in the field and flexibility for your workflow!

  • Professional solution for GIS & survey applications ranging from submeter to centimeter accuracies
  • Easily collect data by pairing with devices such as smartphones, tablets or Trimble handhelds
  • Fast to setup, easy-to-use, keeping you productive and focused on your work
  • Supports multiple satellite constellations and correction sources for accurate data at any location
  • Compact, cable-free design with integrated antenna

10 mm H / 20 mm V
Max. Precision



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