Survey  Equipment

Survey Equipment

Investing in reliable surveying supplies is the best way to make sure your measurements are accurate and keep projects moving forward. With the right surveying equipment from Monsen Engineering, you can start your project on the right foot and set yourself up for success.

Total Stations

Trimble SX12

Trimble SX10



Digital Levels

Trimble DiNi


Laser Scanning

Trimble X7

Trimble TX8

Types of Surveying Equipment From Monsen Engineering

Since you need equipment and resources that are built to last, we ensure that every item we offer is manufactured according to strict quality standards and engineered for the rigors of daily commercial use. We can provide the following pieces of survey equipment and software to support your work:

  • TinyMobileRobots: We carry TinySurveyor robotic land surveyors to increase safety and efficiency in your workplace. The TinySurveyor is the world’s fastest stakeout robot.
  • Office software: Monsen Engineering carries business center and layout software from both Trimble and Spectra. We connect you with Trimble RealWorks, Spectra Survey Pro, Spectra Layout Pro and more.
  • Field software: We feature Trimble Access and Trimble SiteVision for work in the field.
  • Data collectors: Keeping everything organized on the job site can be a challenge. We partner with Trimble to bring you the TSC7, TSC5, TSC3 and the TDC600 for streamlined data collection.
  • Trimble tablets: Trimble tablets bring power to your job site with their lightning-fast computer power and rugged durability. Every Trimble Tablet can be used for mapping, survey fieldwork, GIS collection and desktop applications.
  • GNSS receivers: We carry the Trimble R12i, R12 and R10-R2 GNSS for all your receiver needs.
  • Total stations: Trimble total stations take the guesswork out of your surveying by combining high-accuracy surveying power with fast 3D scanning. We carry the Trimble SX12 scanning station, Trimble SX10 3D scanner and robotic total stations.
  • Digital levels: Monsen Engineering carries Trimble digital height measurement sensors that can determine height 60% more accurately than an automatic level. With three days of battery life and a level accuracy of .3 or .7 millimeters, our digital levels eliminate errors and reduce rework.
  • Laser scanning: We carry the Trimble X7 scanning system and the TX8 scanning system for user-friendly 3D scanning and smart calibration.
  • GPS radios: We can provide the Trimble TDL 450 and the RTK Bridge® for configuring your specific measurement needs with excellent cellular connectivity.
  • Field surveying supplies: In addition to our line of equipment, we offer field supplies built to work with particular models. We carry bipods, tripods, prisms, grade rods, equipment adapters, safety vests and more.

Land Surveying Equipment by Industry

At Monsen Engineering, we carry surveying equipment that’s ready for applications in multiple industries. Our surveying equipment can be used for the following:

  • Construction: Our equipment is designed primarily for use in construction and engineering surveying. Employ these solutions in grading, road topography, foundation building and more.
  • Geodetics: Our surveying equipment can be used to assist in satellite and aerial imaging and is capable of measuring large portions of the earth.
  • Mapping: When you’re trying to determine exactly where your property lines are located, you need the power of Monsen survey equipment.

Why Choose Monsen Engineering?

Monsen Engineering has been at the forefront of engineering supplies since 1974. With more than 30,000 clients served and three locations, we’re proud to offer our services all around the Intermountain West. Contact us online for help finding the right model for your applications.


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