Spectra Geospatial Layout Pro

Spectra Layout Pro

Layout Pro Field and Layout Pro Office construction positioning solutions give contractors more control of their job sites allowing significant improvements in construction accuracy and productivity. Layout Pro Field software lets you carry, manage, work with, and lay out your site using total station for positions and distance measurements.

Layout Pro Field and Layout Pro Office building construction positioning solutions take productivity to a new level. Time is money, and any time not spent building is time wasted. Layout Pro provides the tools you need to get your layout work done faster and with more accuracy than ever before.Combined with a Spectra Geospatial or Nikon mechanical total station, you can layout an entire site from one setup in a fraction of the time as it would take with string lines and tape measures. Layout Pro with the FOCUS 35 robotic total station will do the job even faster and it only requires one person.


  • Enters plans quickly and easily
  • Guided and Simple Instrument Setup
  • Simple Calculation Tools
  • Clear and Usable map screens
  • Edits Plans
  • Works from a Datacollector or Onboard

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